About Us

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We believe real world safety is not a sport

We focus on how real people like you eliminate real threats.

This is not a sport. There are no rule books out there. Larger, stronger attacker? With a weapon?

Learn to detect and avoid conflict in the first place.

And keep in control when conflict is unavoidable – when most people mentally and physically shut down. Learn what your best options are to eliminate the threats that confront you and your family.

We are not about martial protocol. No uniforms. No belts. No bowing.

We believe everyone deserves to improve their safety

Our mission is to make everyone empowered to take control of their — and their family’s — safety. Everyone deserves to improve their safety. No matter your age, gender, or level of prior experience.

Who we are

My name is Sidney Burns, Owner and Instructor at C.O.B.R.A. Self Defense Va. Reality based Self Defense/Martial Arts have been an important part of my life for over 40 years.

I hold multiple Black Belts in various Martial Arts disciplines.

Our Academy is 1 of over 80 Certified Training Centers in the U.S. and around the world.

Our passion and our focus is to educate and empower young and old with the tools to help defend themselves in the present day and age.

What you’ll learn

  • Life-saving “law of nature” that is always on your side that you did not know you had, and how to use it.
  • Defensive techniques such as blocks, escapes, and edged weapons & firearms defenses.
  • Offensive techniques such as strikes (including those not allowed in sport-based martial arts’ rule books) as well as pressure points, chokes & locks.
  • Ground survival and fighting techniques.
  • Eye-opening demonstrations why some “safety devices” are giving you a false sense of security.
  • How everyday objects you have in your home and car can be used as effective weapons.
  • How to recognize threats, understand criminal intent and levels of force.
  • How to develop assertiveness through verbalization and developing your command presence.
  • How bad guys target their victims and what is always on their side.
  • The different types of bad guys and how best to deal with each type.
  • How NOT to be an easy target and how to avoid conflict in the first place.
  • How to control fear and panic. Learn the difference between confidence and ego.
  • How to read a potential aggressor’s body language.
  • Learn where your hands should be when confronted and the most effective stances and body positions.